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Love. Yourself. Healthy.

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Pacific Calm Lifestyle Gym and Spa is the perfect spot for you to get away and focus on yourself and your wellbeing, offering both high-end spa amenities for your pampering and relaxation needs, as well as a gym and pool for your physical health and wellness. Staff are highly-trained and offer both one-on-one and group gym exercise training, yoga classes, and a number of water-based exercise classes.


Pacific Calm looks to be a safe space for women to find and build their confidence through self care, focus, and love, as well as to destress from the pressure of every day life. Be the best you, by Loving Yourself Healthy.  

Pacific Calm's branding aims to attract a female audience in a calming and inclusive way, focusing on both the water-based exercises and amenities, as well as the lifestyles coaching and services. The lotus (commonly associated with yoga) and waterdrop have been incorporated to exude calmness and peace; two things that Pacific Calm hopes it can bring to all of its patrons through its many services.


*All Finalized Logos & Potential Variations were created using Adobe Illustrator*


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